September 1, 2014


ITouchless 13 Gallon Trash Can – 4 Features of the Next Generation Automatic Waste Bin

Are you one of those wondering why you should buy the ITouchless 13 Gallon Trash Can? If yes, then keep reading. Here are highlights of the features that make this next generation automatic trash can one that you should never ignore.

  1. It comes with a proprietary AI Smart-Chip II technology. This feature allows for the automatic infrared sensor which makes the lid open up when your hand is about 6″ before the trash can.
  1. It works with battery. There is a space for 4 D-sized batteries (not included). The battery life span to 1 year. It should also be noted that an optional AC power adaptor is provided to supply power from the mains when the batteries are not available.
  1. This product comes with a Garbage Bag Retainer Ring. This can be used to hold down or secure rubbish effectively inside the can.  No longer will you have to worry about the bag sinking with the modern 13 gallon trash cans.
  1. Other features of the iTouchless 13 gallon trash can are the ease with which the top cover can be removed. There is the new space-saving lid mechanism so there is no up or down motion. Operating this trashcan is 100% hands free!

August 1, 2014


Choosing the best Stainless Steel Trash Can

ID-100173413Stainless steel trash cans are made of stainless steel metal materials. These have different features and are completely different from what the plastic types have to offer. There are many brands and models available in the marketplace but the most popular now are those built with sensor technology.

The sensor makes the can easy to identify the wave of the hand. The lid of this can open easily so you put your waste in it. Stainless trash can reviews are many online. You can easily access this product if you are looking for brand that offers you the best trash can.

It is easy to checkout reviews of stainless steel trash cans. Reading reviews about this product can help in the best decision making. Here are tips to choosing the suitable stainless steel trash cans after going through reviews.

Stainless steel trash can review are the opinions of professionals and users of the automatic trash cans.  Since they are made of stainless steel materials, the reviews are made based on what this material brings to the table.

Reviews of this product can be accessed from different websites including those of the manufacturers. Some of the popular online retailers of this product have sections where customers get to share their opinions on each product.

For many people, what to compare when it comes to reviewing automatic trash cans is lacking.  If you are to buy the best stainless steel trash can then ensure you compare the following in reviews: the brand and models, the capacity of the trash can, and the quality of the material used for the product.

Your ability to choose the best trash can made of stainless steel depends on how well you make decisions from reviews. Ensure you go for highly rated products. Its good to know that some of the best products out there provide the capacity that would serve your garbage disposal need.

Conclusively, stainless steel trash can reviews are accessible online. You can check out for reviews about trash cans made by companies like iTouchless, SimpleHuman, Umbra and others. Your review should begin from top online stores.

May 30, 2014


Dyson Turbinehead Canister Vacuum Review – Details you will find Interesting

ID-100162368You could be looking for a very efficient vacuum cleaner and decide searching the Internet for the perfect brand. If this is you then you may want to consider Dyson turbinehead canister vacuum. This vacuum cleaner from Dyson is reputable to be one of the best in the industry.

You should try the Dyson turbinehead canister vacuum because it has the capability built-in to clean multi floor. Having this vac side-by- side with other brands will tell you that this vacuum is really worth having in homes and offices.

Here is a quick review about Dyson turbinehead canister vacuum that should interest you.

There are two powerful models of Dyson turbinehead canister vacuum you should consider for cleaning. The one is the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor turbinehead canister vacuum and the other is the Dyson DC39 Animal turbinehead canister vacuum.

The former operates as its name suggests “multi floor”. When in operation, it is silent and can be stored in space or any room. The DC 39 Animal on the other hand helps to clean up the thinnest of animal or pets hair in the home.

Dyson turbinehead canister vacuums are known to apply and maximize one of the best patented suction technology power. This feature allows then vacuum floors without losing a bit of suction power.

May 6, 2014


The Touchless Trashcan® MX 13 Gallon

ID-100122754There are many companies manufacturing trash cans. These include brands like Umbra, SimpleHuman, Seville, and iTouchless. They offer different model capacity of waste disposal unit for use in the home or in the office.

One popular size is the 13 gallon trash can. This size is ideal for just about anywhere because it is neither big not small.

More so, it helps to keep your trash up to 13 gallon capacity. Since there are many 13 gallon trash can models, you may want to go for the best of the pack. The Touchless Trashcan MX 13 Gallon from iTouchless should be considered.

Here is a quick review of this product.

The Touchless Trashcan® MX 13 Gallon is a trashcan that fits your regular kitchen 13 gallon size trash bag. It is an automatic trash can with features that make disposal of wastes hygienic and time saving.

The Touchless Trashcan® MX 13 Gallon is one of the best rated automatic trash cans. It comes with innovative features include: 100% handfree operation, a new AI Smart-Chip M technology, a Garbage Bag Retainer Ring, Optional AC power adapter, and water-resistant sensor guard.

You should consider this 13 gallon sized trash can because of its potential in helping you dispose of your waste easily.